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Diego Valcarce

This site is kind of based, its build process is just a shell script calling pandoc(1). You can see it for yourself in the git repository. The colors of this site correspond to Nikita Prokopov’s sublime theme with the addition of the gualda color, which I actually like.

I endorse the use of boomer tech, and for that reason this site has no Javascript and I have no intention on changing that; you can contact me at diegovalcarce@posteo.net, I used to host my own email server, but I have opted to close all my routers ports. My PGP is available here or on any major server (i.e. MIT), I strongly recommend you to encrypt your emails with my public key.

As said, I like old tech, I work from the terminal and I do not like GUIs. My main interest areas are High Performance Computing (HPC) and microcontrollers (even though I have not worked so much with them). Professionally, I work at a startup called Innogando as a kind of Data Engineer doing “Big Data” (more on this on my CV).

I am also interested in urban design and mobility, fake internet money (aka crypto) and economics (I just want FIRE as anyone could want lol). Freedom before anything and at any cost (and for that reason I have some moral debates in my head with urban mobility, cars and free of movement). On my spare time I run (yes, IT people move), I am not supa-fast (as C) nor I am python.

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